Z-Man Flappin Crawz 4in. 8Pk

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Z-Man Flappin Crawz 4in. 8Pk
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The Z−Man Flappin Crawz™ soft plastic lure is a versatile, heavy cover bait ready for battle in the harshest conditions.

Superb as a jig trailer or fished Texas style, Flappin CrawZ™ produce an enticing action and vibration, both on the fall and retrieve.

Made of 10X Tough ElaZtech®, it stays buoyant so its claws float up to mimic the defensive posture of a crawfish at rest.

The durability of 10X Tougher ElaZtech® baits means you’ll get more mileage from every one of these soft plastics.

Size: 4"
Per Pack: 8
Brand Zman
Type N/A

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