When you need a steady, sturdy shot, trust bipods, tripods, rests, sticks, chairs and other shooting accessories from Green Top.

When it comes to a firearm's accuracy and trajectory, the biggest variable is the person firing the gun. Tripods, rests and other supports help remove the shaking of human hands, providing a reliable, steady shot important for long distances.

Since 1947 Green Top has sold firearms and shooting accessories. We have a wide variety of options for steadying your shot, depending on what kind of shot you want to take. Do you need a few test fires for diagnostic purposes? Are you dealing with an injury or condition that makes aiming difficult? Got a particularly tricky shot you're trying to make?

Contact our staff of experts, which has hundreds of years of collective experience with shooting. Tell us about what you need, and we'll point you to the best products available. With Green Top, you'll be on target for every shot.