Slings & Accessories

When equipping your firearm with a sling, trust slings and accessories from Green Top.

The strap on your beloved hunting rifle is so much more than a strap. It's safety and security. It enables you to traverse all sorts of terrain confidently during your hunt. A properly used and attached sling can help prevent accidents, enabling you to enjoy your time in the woods.

At Green Top, we've become Virginia's largest independent gun seller by offering quality brands. That philosophy of quality, most applicable to firearms and ammo, applies just as much to the hardware you use. That's why you'll find a wide variety of slings, hardware and other gear from well-respected brands such as Uncle Mike's and Blue Force Gear.

What kind of strap or sling are you looking for? Contact us today and tell us all about your firearm, and how you plan to use it. We'll point you to the best hardware for your situation.