When shopping for a gun holster, Green Top has a wide selection of holsters to suit your needs.

If you're a licensed peace officer, your life and ability to protect the public depends on a holster that guards your firearm yet allows you fast access. Chance are, however, that you're one of the growing number of people taking advantage of concealed carry laws, and discovered how important a good holster is for protecting yourself, your family and your investment.

At Green Top, we've grown since 1947 into Virginia's largest firearm seller. Our staff of experts has hundreds of collective years of experience judging the quality of holsters on the market and putting them to the test. That's why the holsters you'll find here, by some of the industry's finest manufacturers, are holsters we'd use ourselves.

Contact us today and tell us about your firearm and how you want to carry it on your body. We'll point you toward the best ones suited for your needs.