Eye & Ear Protection

Eye and ear protection from Green Top will help you safely enjoy your day at the range.

We all need more time at the range to sharpen our skills, but if we don't have proper protection for your vision and hearing, we have no business there. Eye shields protect one of the most important senses for using a firearm, and earmuffs prevent the explosive sounds from causing permanent hearing damage - that's doubly true at an indoor range.

Your favorite range may offer the latest firearms and ammo for shooting, but sometimes their eye and ear protection isn't exactly optimal.

Take your safety into your own hands with Green Top: We offer a wide selection of protective safety glasses and earmuffs specifically designed for shooting enthusiasts. Made by some of the industry's most respected brands, these shooting accessories put a priority on performance. You'll also find models that add functionality, such as earmuffs with an AM/FM radio.