Bullets & Brass

Rely on Green Top for the best bullets and ammunition for your favorite firearm.

The ammunition you select is as much of a tool as your firearm. Different bullets are made for different purposes, such as hunting or target practice. But whatever you shoot, you want assurance that it has been crafted with the highest attention to detail, in order to prevent squibs, misfires or hangfires.

At Green Top, we carry ammo from the most trusted, reliable brands in the industry, sucn as Winchester, Barnes, Nosler and Hornady. You'll easily find rounds in the caliber you need.

Since 1947 we've grown into Virginia's largest independent firearm seller. Our staff members are experts with hundreds of collective years of experience between them. If you have any questions about bullets, brass or other ammo, contact us today. We'll answer all your questions, no matter how detailed, and point you to a bullet that will work for your needs.