Our massive sporting equipment superstore has a full optics department for hunters, personal defense users, and recreational sport shooters. We stock dozens of rifle scopes that come in an assortment of magnification ranges, objective lens sizes and reticle designs so you can keep your distance without being off-target.

Our selection of scope accessories is even bigger! You'll find ring mounts, scope base sets, covers, and cleaning supplies to keep your scope and your firearm working in perfect harmony.

Even at a short distance, good optics beat no optics every time. Green Top proudly carries the best dot sights for handguns that will help you take aim when facing self-defense situations and the pressure is on.

Take precision aim to another level with laser sight grips, which are also effective at frightening away intruders without needing to fire a shot. Red dot sights are available as well to increase your rifle accuracy without zooming in. Or go old-school with powerful outdoor binoculars that are great for doing recon, watching sporting events, or just enjoying the scenery.