Our selection of firearms suppressors — also known as silencers or sound moderators — are designed to reduce the intensity of both the sound and muzzle flash when you fire.  Our pros have selected the best, most versatile sound suppressors that pair perfectly with one of our new guns or a favorite firearm in your collection. And they come from companies that respected by dealers and enthusiasts everywhere. Trying to find a Blackhawk suppressor for sale? You’re in the right place. We have their premium silencers for use with pistols, rimfire rifles and centerfire rifles, and even a special model exclusively for the .300 Winchester. We also have a large inventory of SilencerCo gun suppressors, including shotgun suppressors, hybrid silencers and no-piston silencers. Oher options are available from Sig Sauer, Dead Air Armament, Surefire and Daniel Defense.