Gun Safes & Vaults

Protect your firearms with a cutting-edge gun safe or vault from Green Top.

Guns are more than a product, or tool, or self-defense mechanism. They are an investment. Used firearms don't depreciate like other products, and some become even more valuable, if cared for properly.

If the quality and security of your firearms is important to you, then you'll appreciate all the options we offer at Green Top. Made by the industry's most respected manufacturers, these safes are available in a variety of sizes and levels of protection:

• Looking to hide away a pistol in a subtle location? Our pistol vaults are made to give you complete control over your handgun, and come equipped with reliable combination or key locks that resist tampering.

• Need something larger for storing rifles? You'll find a vault that a bank could trust with its money, only YOU know the combination.

• Storing antiques for quality? Choose from our dehumidifier options.

You'll find a perfect option at Green Top, and our staff members are standy by, ready to help you figure out what that is.