Stocks, Grips & Recoil Pads

No matter how you're shooting, keep a firm grip on your firearm with new stocks, grips and recoil pads from Green Top.

Want to see the biggest factor in your gun's ability to hit its target, shot after shot? Go look in a mirror. Then look at your hands. Shooters are the biggest factor in a gun's accuracy. That means anything you can do to increase your ability to hold it securely and comfortably will help you aim true.

We've been shooting guns since 1947 at Green Top, and we've become Virginia's largest independent seller. Our staff members have hundreds of combined years of experience, and we want to put that to work for you. Let us walk you through some of the industry's best manufacturers of grips and stocks - these are the brands we swear by.

Want to upgrade a cherished old rifle? Looking to improve something new? We can help with that. Contact us today, and let us find a grip, stock or recoil pad for your firearm.