Replacement Barrels & Triggers

Keep your favorite gun firing with replacement barrels and triggers from Green Top.

Since our opening in 1947, we've been pleased to see that guns are one of the rare things in this day and age that are "made like they used to." Can't say that about cars, appliances, electronics or so many other things we buy these days. That means if you have a gun that fires well and true, you'll never want to upgrade.

With Green Top's replacement triggers and barrels, you can keep that beloved firearm fresh and in top shape. We carry replacements from the industry's best manufacturers, so you can trust their performance won't let you down.

Are you looking for a replacement to get an old hunting rifle firing again? Or are you looking for an upgrade to help you fire faster or more reliably? Our staff has hundreds of combined years of experience. Contact us today and tell us what you shoot and how you like to shoot it. We'll get you pointed in the right direction.