Firearm Sights

Stay on target with the industry's best gun sights from Green Top.

Whether you're sport hunting or relying on a firearm for self-defense, targeting is critical. It's why you head to the range and practice. Whether it's on a pistol or rifle, that sight helps you determine how well you're aiming.

At Green Top, we offer sights from the industry's best manufacturers, such as Daniel's Defense and Tapco, built to stay in place so you can aim true. We have sights perfect for your mounting preferences, whether it's at the front or rear. We also carry tools that help you ensure those sights perform exactly like you need them to.

Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience, and can tell you exactly how upgrading the sight on your rifle can improve your shooting. We'll tell you how you can improve the sight of whatever you shoot, whether it's a new model or a well-used antique. As the largest independent firearms dealer in Virginia, we're happy to share everything we've learned about finding you the perfect sight.