Gun Parts

Whether you are replacing or upgrading your firearm, extend its life with high-quality gun parts from Green Top.

A handgun is the perfect definition of a well-oiled machine - mainly because you do a good job of ensuring each of your firearms is well cared for. But the only way to keep your gun like new is to never shoot it. And that's not going to happen anytime soon, is it?

When parts wear down, you can keep your favorite guns firing with our replacement parts. We carry the industry's most-trusted brands for quality, whether you are restoring an antique back into firing condition or upgrading a new purchase for your personal shooting preferences.

At Green Top, we started in 1947 and have grown into Virginia's largest independent firearm seller. Our staff members have, collectively, hundreds of years experience between them, and we are ready to help you with your questions, no matter how picky or detailed you think they are. Let us recommend the best replacement gun parts to get you firing again.