Our hunting ammunition for shotguns and rifles comes in all sizes, calibers, and cartridge types. Fill up your shotgun shells with slugs from Hevi-Shot, Federal Premium, Remington, Winchester, and other high-quality brands.

We also have a large selection of ammo for centerfire rifles. You don’t want to completely destroy your trophy game, which is why we stock munitions designed for different animals. You’re just a few clicks away from finding duck ammo, deer slugs, coyote pellets, soft-point cartridges, and other specialty products.

Need bullets for a pistol or revolver? Head to the handgun ammo section for Sig Sauer long colt .45 cartridges, Hornady .38 Special flex tips, CCI Remington Magnum missiles, and much more. Non-lethal ammo is available for home defense and other protective firearm use. Green Top even has select rimfire ammunition for those who love classic 19th-century rifles.