Waders & Wading Shoes

Heading into a wet situation? Pull on a pair of waders or wading boots from Green Top and tackle the wetness like a pro. Our waders are designed to keep you dry and comfortable while you hunt or fish in wet environments. They offer full coverage and are fashioned like a pair of overalls. Use waders to step into a stream to fish, walk through the mud in confidence or protect your clothes while you’re out on the boat. Our high-quality waterproof waders cover from the tips of your toes to well beyond the waist and include shoulder straps to make sure everything stays in place. For shallow water we offer wading boots, which cover to the upper leg, but lack the full bib of traditional waders.

Waders are a great choice when hunting or fishing. Our boot waders and hunting waders are available in several outdoor prints, including popular camouflage varieties. This makes it easier to blend in with your surroundings and to hide from your prey. We also carry youth hunting waders so everyone in the family can enjoy the coverage and protection of a solid pair of waterproof hunting waders.