Fishing Report

Updated: April 8, 2020 by Stan Cobb

(Next Update: April 15, 2020)

Saltwater The Black Drum bite is heating up nicely along the seaside of the Eastern Shore. They are mostly being caught from boats, but there has been some catches from the surf. Fresh clam, and crabs work well. The Tautog bite is still good on both ocean and bay structures. Tautog prefer crab, but clam works for them also. There's been an increase in Speckled Trout catches, but very little info is being given about the locations. Trout prefer shallow, grassy areas. Live shrimp works well, especially since there is an abundance of the shrimp in the bay, and it's tributaries. We can expect some early season Flounder catches to be reported soon. Charter boats have been listed as non essential, so the offshore action has been extremely light.

Freshwater - The Shad and White Perch action has been excellent along the James, close to the city limits. Bloodworms work well for the Perch, as do shall and medium minnows. Cut bait works good also. For the Shad, small spoons, darts, and flies are usually the ticket. The Blue Catfish bite is wide open on the tidal rivers also. The James, and Rappahannock, have been especially good. Fresh cut White Perch and Shad are excellent choices. Rockfish may be a bi product while targeting the Catfish, but the season is closed, so all Rockfish must be released immediately. The Bass fishing is excellent on the tidal rivers right now, and most all places that contain Bass. The pits along the James are known for being excellent places for the Bass right now, so expect boats to be around. The Chickahominy is an excellent place to be right now for Bass. Wood cover is good for both the Bass and Crappie. The Crappie are biting well on the James also. The pits are good, as are the bigger creeks, like Chippokes, and Herring. The upper James is in great shape at this time, and April is an excellent time to seek the lunkers. Their spawning sessions are about to occur, so now they are fattening up for the rigors of the spawn. The shallow patterns are prevailing on the area lakes, as Bass are being found on the spawning beds just about everywhere. On many of our lakes, the Bass can be found spawning on stumps, grass beds, and boat docks. James Graves of Madison, caught an 8 lber over the weekend from Anna. Brandon Strayer of Madison, caught a 7 lber from Anna this weekend.The Crappie can be found spawning on the same types of cover, along with beaver huts.The landlocked Stripers are on the feed in our area lakes too. Anna, Kerr, Gaston, and Smith, are producing good catches right now, and will continue into May. In fact, they often get caught better in May.