Rapala Husky Jerk® 14 5-1/2"

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Rapala Husky Jerk®  14 5-1/2"
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The Rapala Husky Jerk® Crankbait, perfectly balanced, can be cast or trolled at any speed and still run true. The secret to Husky Jerk® success is to crank, stop, crank and take advantage of the neutrally buoyant suspending action this lure is known for.The rattle chamber transmits sound waves that amplify through the water, catching and piquing attention. And the suspending action is just more than a fish can handle. Metallic, natural and glass patterns cover the gamut of fishing opportunities. Load up and be ready for any situation.

Model: HJ14SB
Color: Silver Blue
Length: 5½"
Weight: ⅝ Oz.
Treble Hooks: Three #4

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Brand Rapala
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