Morgan PainterMorgan Painter

Morgan's desire for working in the firearms industry led him to Green Top in 2012. He says the coolest thing he has found about working at Green Top is that there are so many experts. If he can't answer your question, he knows that he can direct you to someone here that is an expert on the topic.

Morgan has been training with modern sporting rifles and handguns for quite some time. He has even built his own modern sporting rifle, and makes it a point to tweak and enhance any firearm he purchases. He is also an NRA-Certified pistol instructor. A self-proclaimed "flashlight geek", Morgan has experience reviewing and testing flashlights and can answer any questions you may have about flashlights.

Morgan developed a love of the outdoors during weekend family trips to the mountains for fishing, hunting, camping, and skeet shooting. Morgan continues to be drawn to the outdoors has a long list of activities to prove it, including camping, kayaking, off-roading with 4-wheelers and trucks. He enjoys fishing, and admits that he does a lot of fishing, but little "catching".

For the best advice on modern sporting rifles, handguns, or flashlights, come see Morgan....A member of the Green Top Family since 2012.