MEC 650N Reloading Press

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MEC 650N Reloading Press
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If you are interested in re-sizing and inspecting shells as a separate activity, the MEC 650N Reloading Pess is ideal for you.

There are 3 crimping stations; the crimp begins at the first station, while the second station closes the crimp and the final station places the taper on the shell. This third station is important to properly feed into a pump or automatic. A reloaded shell is complete with every stroke.
Type Shotshell Press
Magnification N/A
Caliber N/A
Objective Lens MM N/A
Style N/A
Shot Size N/A
Gauge N/A
Brand MEC
  1. 650N 12 Gauge Reloader

    by Joseph on Mar 6, 2015

    Purchased the 650N in December of 2014 and have loaded hundreds of shells with it so far. I have reloaded AA, RXP, and Peters hulls without any adjustment and all with perfect crimps that function flawlessly in my 1100. The shell plate rotates smoothly with little effort and, if necessary, the hulls can be easily remove at any station. If you deprime and resize seperately, I would recommend this reloaded without hesitation.