Lucky Craft Slender Pointer 11

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Lucky Craft Slender Pointer 11
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The Lucky Craft Slender Pointer 112 MR Suspending Crankbait has been adapted to appeal more to the smallmouth fisherman. This bait features a more erratic side-to-side action that will drive fish wild. Both sizes of the Slender Pointer will run 3-4 feet deep. Smallmouth Bass are known to slash at a jerk bait, so to increase the hooking ratio, these baits feature three razor sharp Diaiichi treble hooks. This means wherever a fish hits this bait, it will get hooked. It also features Lucky Craft’s patented weight transfer system, so even in the wind they cast like a bullet. Like all of Lucky Crafts suspending jerkbaits, the new Slender Pointers will suspend perfectly horizontal in the water, and will stay there no matter how long you pause them.
Brand Lucky Craft
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