Lowrance Kayak Scupper Transducer Mount

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Easy to install in most any scupper opening with few tools, the Lowrance Kayak Scupper Transducer Mount is the ultimate transducer-mounting system for the sit-on-top fishing kayak. This mount positions the Skimmer transducer so it's completely submerged in the water. That guarantees maximum sonar signal return sensitivity, producing the absolute clearest underwater returns.

  • Model: 000-10910-001
  • Fits: All HDS, Elite, Mark, and X-Series Lowrance Skimmer transducers, both 83/200kHz and 455/800kHz DownScan Imaging models, and earlier 1" 200 kHz transducers
  • Compatible Scupper Hole Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 1 1/2" max., 15/16" min.
    • Depth: 9 1/4" max., 1 19/32" min.