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July 13, 2018

Saltwater - Lots of big fish are being boated in the lower bay! Several 70 lb+ Cobia have been caught this week that we know of, so there's bound to be more that we haven't heard of yet. Chummers are still doing well at York Spit, and Windmill Bar. While using chum, the preferred bait seems to be live Eels, but live Croaker works well too. There's been plenty of large Red Drum caught from many areas of the bay, but the lower bay has been better. Large schools are still being spotted and cast to, but many are being caught by being anchored up, and bottom fishing with live bait, or slow drifting while targeting Flounder. The Flounder have been getting bigger this week, as many have reported better luck with the better quality fish at the CBBT. Jigging the pilings with bucktails dressed with cut bait, or Gulp! trailers has been good. The Oyster Toads are numerous however, as they usually are. Ocean wrecks have been consistently producing better quality Flounder though. The same methods work, but heavier jigs or weights are typically used. The bigger Spadefish have showed up as well. Spades up to 7 1/2 lbs have been reported. Using fresh clam will make a big difference in results. Anglers fishing the Cell area have been reporting better Spades now also. The Spanish Mackerel have made a better showing this week too. Some of the places for success have been York Spit, Windmill Bar, and along the spans of the CBBT. The Colonial Beach area of the Potomac River has been great for Croaker, Spot, and White Perch. Buckroe Pier is usually good for many species, as it is close to the mouth of the bay. Cobia, Flounder, Speckled Trout, and Spadefish are possible at any time. Tropical storm Chris has been spinning off the coast lately, making the surf a bit rough, as well as the offshore action. Those that have been out caught some Mahi, and a few Marlin. The inshore boats out of Nags Head have done better the last few days. They are reporting Blues, Croaker, Spot, Flounder, Trout, and Sea Mullet. 

Freshwater- The Potomac River has been excellent for Bass fishing lately. The weight have been so good, that 17 lbs won't make the money. The grass bite is on, and the frog bite is especially on. Senkos and swim baits have been good also. The tidal James hasn't been quite as good , but still holding it's own. The Chickahominy River has been known for the bigger Bass lately. Many folks will stick with a grass frog all day, as it can be that good. Small crankbaits fished around wood cover is sometimes better on sunny days, whereas the cloudy days will be better for the grass and vegetation bite. The upper James is low and clear again, so long casts are in order on sunny days. Smaller, natural colored baits usually work better under these conditions. A 3 inch smoke grub is a fine example. Maintaining bottom contact is usually better for the bigger fish. Overcast, and low light conditions call for topwater lures such as a small prop bait, or walking bait. 16 lbs won this week's Tuesday night tournament at Lake Anna, where 7-9 inch Texas rigged worms have been working better. The deeper crankbaits, such as the DD 22,and the SPRO Big John are finding the more aggressive fish. The topwater bite seems to be better in the mornings these days. Kerr lake is currently at the 300' level. This is normal pool. Downlake shoals can sometimes be magnets for the Bass. They are easy to check out with surface lures, as aggressive fish will attack quickly. The bigger worms tend to work better for summer season Bass. Areas close to creek channels and river channels generally hold the tournament winning fish. The deeper brushpiles are holding the better Crappie. However, fishing at night with a submersible light will attract the baitfish, which in turn will draw in the Crappie. Kerr lake is also known for giant catfish. There have been catfish caught, weighing over 100 lbs  from Kerr Lake.