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Updated: March 15th, 2019 by Stan Cobb

(Next Update: March 22, 2019) 


Saltwater- The Bluefins are coming in! Some anglers are going after them with spinning outfits, and catching all they can handle. There's been some Yellowfins caught, along with some Blackfins. There has also been some gaffer Dolphin caught over the last week. From the beaches in Hatteras, there have been some Blow Toads, and Sea mullet caught. 

Freshwater- There was quite a big bag of Bass caught from Lake Gaston over the weekend, 25+ lbs was the winning weight. Over at Kerr, things were not so spectacular, 12+ lbs was the winning weight in a federation tournament there. Tournament weights were down at Anna also, but some big fish were caught. An 8 lber, along with some 6's were brought in by non tournament anglers. Bass are starting to bite spinnerbaits just about everywhere. Jerkbaits are still good, along with swimbaits, crankbaits,  and jigs. Look for the Carolina rig bite to materialize soon. The Crappie in these lakes are turning on also. Look for Lake Chesdin to start making headlines,  as this small lake has quite the population of large Bass. The lower James is a great place to target quality Largemouth right now. It's clearing up and Bass are on the move. Targeting the pits is still your best bets, but look for the creeks to draw Bass shortly. The Chickahominy remains excellent, for both Bass and Crappie. The Yellow Perch bite turned on nicely in the Potomac River this week, so let's hope the Pamunkey and Mattaponi will clear up and produce the Perch that they are well known for. The Rappahannock is giving up quite a few Catfish these days, but the Perch bite is not being talked about. Perhaps folks are just being quiet. The upper James is still high but is on the fall, and hopefully, not receiving any more rainfall. Many of the ramps are slow to get cleaned up from all the mud. Launching and loading can be quite difficult on many of these landings. Local ponds and small lakes continue to bring results for Crappie and Bass,  and this will improve as the water temps rise. Never overlook the horsepower restricted lakes,like Sandy River,  and the electric motor only lakes, like Swift Creek Reservoir. Just to name a few.