KatherineKatherine Kennedy

As a child Katherine began hunting for deer and this passion has continued well into her adult life. When she gets a deer, she has the skills to field dress and butcher as well. Her hunting also includes, rabbit and raccoon as well. Katherine also enjoys fishing, and prefers to fish for croaker, flounder and spot on the Rappahannock River.

When not fishing or hunting, Katherine enjoys skeet shooting and cornhole tournaments. Skeet and Trap at Issac Walton conservation park in Charles City is a fun day.  Doubles and singles cornhole tournaments are also a favorite pastime and she has placed in the top 5 in the state Shriners tourney.  Lastly she  enjoys shooting with her female friends and helps them with their techniques.  

Katherine has a passion for hunting and firearms.  She has an extensive knowledge of firearms, and enjoys sharing that knowledge with first time firearm owners.  

Look for Katherine at the many Green Top sponsored events...A member of the Green Top Family since 2012.