Jake StretchJake Stretch

Jake Stretch is one of the newer members of the Green Top family, but is quickly becoming a go-to guy for firearm sales, repair and modifications. After finishing gunsmith school in 2011, he thought Green Top would be a perfect fit for him; we thought so, too.

During the season, he hunts for both deer and dove, but also enjoys just shooting shotguns, rifles and handguns. Growing up in a non-hunting family, he convinced his parents to enroll him in the hunter safety course and purchase his first gun, a Remington 870, at Green Top Sporting Goods.

These days, he likes camping, hiking and casual fishing. His firearms interest has extended to custom paintjobs and woodworking. He claims that "You can tell a lot about a gun by the way it smells" .

For the best information on firearms, come see Jake...A member of the Green Top family since 2011.