Jackall IOBEE Frog 1/2 oz.

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Jackall IOBEE Frog 1/2 oz.
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The Jackall IOBEE Frog Topwater Lure features many of the modifications already built in that pros use to prep their frogs for battle.

Custom made hooks are designed to improve hooksets and the lure features a balanced weight system that allows the frog to stay balanced when casting and walking the dog.

Its weight system also helps the frog to achieve more splashing and helps give it a perfect side to side walking action.

The IOBEE features rubber skirts for legs which flare out and sink slowly when the lure is paused.

The IOBEE's 2.5" length and ½oz weight makes it easy to cast long distances to cover plenty of water, and its realistic finishes are what you would expect from Jackall .
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