J. Dewey .30/.308 Caliber Bronze Rifle Brush

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10150 Lakeridge Pkwy Ashland, VA 23005 USA
The J. Dewey .30/.308 Caliber Bronze Brush is a sturdy, highly effective little cleaning brush for cleaning out the smallest openings in your rifle. These John Dewey cleaning tools are made out of tough brass, which is hard enough to make short work of fouling and residue, but soft enough to safeguard your finish. The brass bristles of the cleaning tools are packed tightly for a maximum of cleaning power. Crafted by J. Dewey in the benchrest style, the No Harm brushes feature a brass core for durability and looped end. To keep your .30/.308 caliber rifles operating at their best, make a habit of cleaning them with the Dewey No Harm .30/.308 Rifle Brush.

  • Model: B30
  • .30/.308 Caliber
  • Rifle length
  • "No-Harm" Bronze Bristles
  • Brass Core
  • 8/32 male threads