Find a versatile, reliable multitool for your next hunt or your daily workload at Green Top.

We always appreciated the motto of the Boy Scouts: "Be prepared." And we remember how we felt when we received our first multi-bladed knife. Seeing all those tools in one compact package helped us feel prepared for anything.

The motto hasn't faded, but the knives have certainly gotten much better. Multitools have advanced considerable over the years: They have even more tools, and feature advanced forging for incredible strength and durability.

At Green Top, we don't want to sell you a bunch of multitools. We're pretty confident that the one you pick, from brands such as Leatherman, Smith and Wesson or Gerber, is going to last a long time and earn its keep in the items you carry daily. Browse through the selection here, or contact us and tell us the tools you'd like to see in your perfect multitool, and we'll help you find it.