Food Plot Seeds & Accessories

Ensure excellent hunting on your property with food plot seeds and other feed accessories from Green Top.

If you own property that would make good hunting, you can enhance it with the right food plots. With a little bit of preparation, you can grow a crop of ryegrass, clovers, brassica and other plants deer will love to eat. They'll get healthy from the quality nutrition, and they'll come back time after time.

Plant strategically to create the perfect blind or perch, complete with shooting lanes on your property and create the perfect blind. Many of these seeds are made to simply be thrown on a properly prepared seedbed. Just throw it, then forget it - until hunting season.

Our staff members have hundreds of collective years of experience hunting, and have planted more than their fair share of food plots. Contact us today and we'll tell you how to find the optimal growth areas on your property, as well as the kind of seeds that will work best for your region.