Chews, Treats & Toys

Training your dog for the big hunt? Let Green Top help with hunting chews, treats, toys and training accessories.

Hunting helped forge the deep, unbreakable connection between humans and dogs. We may enjoy going hunting with family and friends, but the experience is unforgettable with a reliable birder by our side.

Since 1947 we've helped fellow hunting enthusiasts prepare their dogs for the hunt with high-quality training materials, such as dummies and flashers. We also know that the right treats make training fly by, and good chews keep that hard-working dog of yours calm and happy.

Before your next hunt, contact us and tell us all about that good boy or girl. We already love your dog almost as much as you do, and we can't wait to help point the way to hunting dog treats that make the training process easy. With training aids from Green Top, your dog will quickly become the best birder you've ever seen.