Whether you hope to bag a big tom turkey or are itching to shoot a brace of ducks or other waterfowl, the hunting decoys and decoy accessories available at Green Top will improve your success rate. 

You'll find lifelike representations of all the major game birds here. If you like hunting on or by the water, we have surf scoter and honker goose decoys that will bring in the wariest waterfowl. Those seeking to drop a duck can choose from mallard, pintail, green-winged teal and other designs. Upland, our realistic hen and turkey decoys look good enough to eat and will draw in those lonely longbeards. We also offer a wide variety of dove decoys that are durable and easy to use.

We have all the decoy accessories you need to make your hunting trip convenient and successful. These include rugged decoy bags and backpacks for easy carrying as well as gaffs, lines, and anchors for managing your waterfowl decoys.