Find the perfect duck-hunting sweatshirt for your next hunt at Green Top.

Every hunter we know gets sentimental about their sweatshirts. In some cases, a sweatshirt can be more cherished than a rifle or call that's been passed down through generations.

When it's time for a new hunting sweatshirt, you'll find many great options available. All of them feature superior stitching and materials for long-lasting durability, season after season. Many of them feature advanced materials and features for better moisture wicking, temperature control and protection. All of them are bound to be "borrowed" by your significant other, so keep an eye on whatever you buy whenever it gets close to the start of the season.

We've been in business since 1947, offering some of the industry's best hunting sweatshirts and other clothing items. Our staff of experts is ready to answer your questions about sizing, performance, comfort or anything else that comes to mind.