A pair of duck hunting pants from Green Top will keep you comfortable while you're on the water.

Waterfowl hunting is particularly challenging because of the wildly varying conditions and terrains you'll encounter. While deer hunters might have to deal with a rare splotch of mud or two, waterfowlers will find themselves plowing through marshes, swamps and other wetlands in search of game. That water will also amplify whatever temperatures you experience: All that moisture makes the cold even chillier and the heat even steamier.

The wrong pair of pants can make your day miserable, so rely on a quality pair of waterfowl hunting pants from Green Top. Stitched for durability and performance, you'll find options that help you deal with the extra moisture, and let you comfortably carry gear and supplies. If you've always wanted to try duck hunting, contact us today and we'll tell you what to look for in a good pair of duck hunting pants.