Waders & Wading Shoes

When hunting in watery areas, trust waders and wading shoes from Green Top for comfort and performance.

Not every hunt happens on dry land. Waterfowlers know all too well that they are going to get wet during their hunt. But a trusty pair of waders keeps that water at bay, and keeps you dry and comfortable for as long as you care to hunt.

We have waders for youth and adults, and every pair is stitched for comfort and flexibility. Premium materials are made to keep water out of your clothes, and to keep you warm while standing in frigid pools or currents.

What are you looking for in a pair of waders? Contact us today: Our staff of experts has years and years of experience using waders, and are happy to pass on some of the secrets they've learned. With Green Top, you'll find a pair of waders that will keep you warm and dry, season after season.