Hunter Brooks/Store ManagerHunter Brooks
Store Manager

Hunter Brooks has been our Store Manager for almost ten years and has worked here for almost twenty! He has a good knowledge of all firearms, particularly hunting rifles, handguns, and scopes. His job keeps him behind the scenes lately, but you can still catch him on the floor helping customers, keeping the gun counter "old school", making sure the store is still run in the way Green Top should be run. He has always enjoyed assisting customers choose the right firearm for their individual needs, and if a customer should have questions about hunting or fishing, Hunter has answers as he always makes time for being outdoors. His interests range from all types of hunting, including deer, turkey, predator and waterfowl to camping and canoeing on the Shenandoah and Upper James Rivers. While on the water, smallmouth bass are his primary interest, and he devotes several trips a year to catching them.

Hunter's home will always be the gun counter, and many of his returning customers still ask for him there, but as the Store Manager he is usually out and about on the floor or in the office making the decisions that affect the way customers see Green Top or how employees represent the store. That said, if you see Hunter on the floor in any corner of the store, he is still a Green Top employee and that means hunting and fishing knowledge, so for the best information on all your hunting and fishing needs, come see Hunter Brooks…a member of the Green Top family since 1998.