Hogy 1 1/4 oz Epoxy Jig VMC Hook

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Saltwater Jigs & Spoons
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The Hogy 1 1/4 oz Epoxy Jig VMC Hook features a vivid scale finish core surrounded by a double coat of epoxy for excellent durability and natural refraction of light. Epoxy's light weight to length ratio produces the perfect balance of size, weight, and casting distance - making this a perfect option for surface blitzes. With through-wire construction, stainless steel split ring and VMC 4x treble hook, the SI Epoxy Jig is designed for medium to fast retrieve, perfect for fooling selective false albacore, bonito and any gamefish that relies on excellent eyesight when attacking its prey.

The 1 1/4 oz Epoxy Jig VMC Hook offers:
  • Improved stainless split ring
  • Double thick epoxy coat for natural light refraction
  • Durable, through wired construction
  • Reflective sale finish
  • Balanced lead core
  • VMC 4X treble hook