Heading into a wet situation? Pull on a pair of waders or wading boots from Green Top and tackle the…

When it comes to trekking through the wilderness and hunting big game, Green Top has you covered—including your feet!

We carry the hunting boots and hunting shoes you need to keep your feet dry, warm and protected. Our footwear is specially designed to grip the landscape and tackle tough environments, so you can focus on making your mark instead of avoiding puddles or rough terrain.

Our hunting work boots are made from heavy-duty materials and will get the job done right. 

Need something a little lighter? How about boating boots or casual shoes or even a great pair of sandals? We have shoes for fishing and water sports, western boots and everything in between, so you can get the traction and protection you need in a lightweight, stylish package.

At Green Top, we carry shoes for every occasion, so there’s never anything standing between you and your favorite outdoor sports. Not sure where to start? We make it easy by categorizing our footwear according to sport or use. Just click on the category that best fits your plans and enjoy a large selection of hand-selected shoes, boots and sandals that are just right for your needs.