Tools & Accessories

Our extensive lineup of fishing tools, pliers, nets, rod holders, and accessories ensure that you're fully prepared for every fishing challenge. Green Top pros hand-pick the best products to make sure the time you spend on the water is as enjoyable as possible.

Our fishing accessories also help you keep your tackle in tip-top shape. Our fishing tools and pliers will make it easier to handle the fish you catch. Many are perfect for working with fishing line, lures and other gear and for maintaining tackle too. Use a pair of forceps or pliers to easily extract a stubborn hook from a fish's mouth. Our line clippers will make it easy to cut line when you need to.

If your lure or jig eyes have been crusted with paint at the factory, our eye-punch tools will make it easy to run your line through and tie it securely. Our landing nets will get your catch safely in the boat or on the shore, while our batons and bats will subdue thrashing fish.

Clean your catch with our knives and filet cutting boards. Keep your knives and hooks razor-sharp with our sharpeners. Our scales and rulers will prove that the big one you let go after landing it really wasn't just the one that got away. And our rod holders and racks offer a smart storage solution.