Terminal Tackle

Hook, line, and sinker, our products will make your next fishing expedition more successful. You'll find razor-sharp hooks here from top manufacturers like Eagle Claw, Gamakatsu, and VMC. Choose from assorted styles, from 1 to 9/0 to hook everything from a tiny trout to a monster marlin.

Once you've hooked your prey, our quality fishing lines will help ensure you land it. In addition to braid and monofilament from top companies like Berkley, we carry a variety of floating and sinking lines for fly fishing.

Our weights and sinkers will get your lures and baits down to where the big ones lurk. We also have lots of floats and bobbers for keeping your bait suspended at exactly the right depth. To add sounds and scents to your bait's visual appeal, check out our fish attractants and rattles, and hold on tight.

Shop Green Top's complete lineup of first-rate fresh and saltwater fish hooks, fishing line, and terminal tackle. And don't forget our knowledgeable pros are here to help you make the most of your fishing adventures.