Fly Fishing

Green Top has been Virginia’s one-stop shop for anglers since 1947, and has the fly fishing equipment you need for this pastime.  Like other techniques, a good fly fishing session begins with a good rod and reel. We have pinpoint fly rods for both freshwater and saltwater that come in many sizes and weights. Add an aluminum fly reel and you’ll be on your way to snagging trout, pike, redfish or even big game.  Our fly line, leaders and tippet are purpose-made for catching certain fish or casting in certain waters. Get the right cases and covers while you’re at to protect your new tackle between uses.  But what are fly fishing sales without flies?  Get eyes, heads, hooks, adhesives and tools for assembling the perfect bait. A fly fishing lure kit is great for beginners as it contains all the necessities for getting started.