At Green Top, we carry a huge selection of fishing baits, lures, jigs, spoons, and soft plastics. That makes it possible to find the right bait or lure for just about any fishing situation you can think of.

If you're after lunker bass in hot weather, go deep with one of our jigs. We also carry a variety of buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, soft-plastic, and hard-bait lures that will fool Mr. Bucketmouth and other species in a variety of conditions. 

If you love to catch catfish, you'll love our catfish baits. Available in a variety of flavors, like shad, liver, or cheese, these stinky baits give off strong, alluring scents that will put more cats in your bag. 

If you're yearning to catch a mess of crappies, sunfish, or other tasty panfish, check out our panfish lures. You'll find dozens of jigs, plastic tails, and other lures that will put more fish on your stringer and in the frying pan.