Fishbites Bag-O-Worms® Red Bloodworm FIS0033

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Fishbites Bag-O-Worms® Red Bloodworm  FIS0033
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Fishbites’ Bag O’Worms® - Regular Strips - Fishbites are the result of a lifelong passion for fishing and decades of scientific research. Fishbites require no refrigeration and they retain their scent and durability for more than a year when properly stored. Fishbites are not easily stripped off the hook and are designed to withstand bait stealers, numerous strikes, and long casts. They allow anglers to spend less time rebaiting and more time with a line out. Fishbites scents are sure to lure fish but they are barely perceptible to humans. Anglers can forgo the strong, lingering odors of natural baits. Fishbites are non-toxic, environmentally friendly products which fish can digest without any harmful side effects. Fishbites have all the advantages of live and natural bait and then some.
Model: FIS0033
Scent: Bloodworm
Color: Red
Qty: two ¼"W x 13"L bait strips
Brand Fishbites
UPC 838380000330
Type N/A

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