Dave Madison

Dave Madison

Dave is one of the newest members of the Green Top Family. After working as a lifeguard, and in sales (both door-to-door and B2B), Dave was attracted to the "family" atmosphere at Green Top, as well as the opportunity to work with the latest fishing products and other individuals who share his passion for fishing and hunting.

Dave loves the outdoors, whether he's duck hunting, going to the river or beach, or fishing. Given that both of his parents are fishing enthusaiasts, and began taking him fishing when he was very young, Dave says that he was "born to fish". He enjoys fishing for rockfish, flounder and catfish, and frequently visits Oregon Inlet, the Chesapeake Bay and the Pamunkey River. His interests aren't limited to fishing and hunting -- he also enjoys cooking the "catch of the day".

Dave describes himself as a "people person" who likes to talk -- especially about fishing.

For the best advice on fishing, come see Dave...a member of the Green Top family since 2009.