Carbon Express Mayhem Hunter Arrow 250 W/Blazer 6 Pk

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Carbon Express Mayhem Hunter Arrow 250 W/Blazer  6 Pk
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The Carbon Express Mayhem Arrow series is engineered to deliver the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy, and penetration − setting a new standard for all-around Hunting performance. It’s like getting 3 arrows in 1. The secret weapon is the K-360° Weave Technology that provides 360° spine consistency and delivers the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy and penetration.
The Mayhem Hunter also features the exclusive Carbon Express Built-in Weight Forward technology for superior down-range accuracy with a broadhead. Equipped with Blazer vanes for precise broadhead placement and BullDog nock collars for added strength. BuffTuff® − World’s toughest carbon arrow finish in Mossy Oak® Obsession™ camouflage pattern.

  • Model: T1323
  • Size: 250
  • Qty: 6 Pk
  • Grs/Inch: 8.9
  • Spine (in.): .418
  • Diameter (in:): 300
  • Straightness: ± .0035" max.
  • Weight Tolerance: ± 1.0 grain
  • Spine Selection Tolerance: ± .0025"
Type N/A
Brand Carbon Express
UPC 044734971755

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