Jump Starters

Being stuck with a dead battery in a remote area can quickly ruin a weekend getaway. It can be difficult to find someone to help jump start your boat or other gas-powered equipment, while a dead car battery can leave you stranded. A jump starter set with a battery bank is like having a constant jump-start companion when you need one most.

The jump starter set holds a stored amount of power, which you can monitor and check periodically so you'll be ready when you need it. It works just like a pair of jumper cables. In addition to being a lifesaver, the stored power can be used with other devices and equipment, bringing electricity when you're off the grid. Some offer USB and micro USB so you can used the stored power to charge your phone, GPS, portable lantern or other "must-have" devices.

Before you head out to the wilds be sure that the charger has the correct power inputs for your various gadgets!