You can never be too prepared. Whether you are prepping for the times to come, or just want to be ready for small emergencies in your car or in your home, a survival kit covers all the bases. These can also come in handy when you're hunting, fishing or taking part in other outdoor getaways.

Being prepared doesn't mean breaking the bank or buying every gizmo and gadget. Instead you can buy survival gear as single items, so that you get just the pieces you need to complete your own set. Some companies also put survival kits together in different sizes and targeted for different purposes; and there are various kits that are compact enough to bring on a hike or out hunting. Other kits are large enough to encompass all essentials, and are better suited for your car or home. Whatever you choose it should have components such as a fire starter, emergency blanket, a knife, light sticks, and other gear that will help you survive for a period until you can get help. The hope is you will never need to open the kit in duress, but each piece inside can get use even in successful outings.