Portable headlamps have become ubiquitous, and not just with old-school miners! They're frequently used by athletes as well as those who work in dark places. This is why headlamps are handy if you need to do plumbing or DIY jobs in a dark spot of the house, or need to find something around a dark corner. But these heady night lights are also useful in the great outdoors. If you're out camping, you can secure the light to your forehead to light your way when nature calls, or to find more firewood. Use the light for a little late night reading, to read a map, or just to add some illumination after the sun goes down. Wherever you look, the lamp will light your way.

Many lamps offer multiple brightness modes, but also have filters such as red so you can see your way in the dark while causing less disturbance to your neighbors, whether they be your friends or wildlife. Flashing modes can allow you to be spotted, or signal a call for help. Headlamps are incredibly handy, even if they don't occupy your hands.