Cast iron

A rustic campfire can be more than a crude grill, and the right cookware can let you experience the great outdoors and have a fine dining experience. Cast iron cookware, such as a skillet or griddle, is a great option that can be used directly over the fire. Add a 3-quart cooker or Dutch oven to bring even more saucy dishes to your meal. And if your campsite doesn't have a fire ring, you can even bring a cast iron sportsman's grill for a safe campsite cook.

Green Top offers a full range of cast iron cookware, including servers that can go from fire to table. Whatever meals you plan to make in the great outdoors, or in a rustic cabin, you will find the gear from wedge pans for cornbread to baking sheets and even chimney starters. You won't go hungry; you have all the tools to eat quite well.