Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker

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10150 Lakeridge Pkwy Ashland, VA 23005 USA
The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker is the first Bluetooth tracking device specifically designed for the outdoors. It allows you to find gear and keep track of hunting spots, right from your smartphone. By pairing the marker to the Breadcrumb Tracking App, you can find your way to locations from 100+ yards away. When in range, your Breadcrumb Location Marker is constantly communicating with your smartphone, sharing its location. Your location will be mapped on your phone and will maintain as a last known location even out of trackable range. If you would like to share a location with a friend, you simply enter their email using the Breadcrumb Tracking App and send them access to your Breadcrumb Location Marker. Using the app installed on their phone, they can now find the specific position of the shared Location marker.

The Bluetooth Location Marker offers:
  • Location sharing through the app
  • Maintain its last known location even outside of a trackable range
  • Breadcrumb Tracking App lists all Location Markers and battery life
  • Model: XV1-841-2
  • Lights: 8 Bright Blue LEDs
  • Trackable Range: 100+ Yards