Brad StephensonBrad Stephenson

Brad is a Green Top Waterfowl and Turkey Specialist. Brad grew up in a hunting family, going along with his dad in a backpack as an infant. He started chasing quail, squirrel and deer, and began duck hunting at the age of 13. He called in his first spring gobbler on his second hunt at 14 and never misses a day of the spring season. He has been able to hunt with some of Virginia’s top pros and he continues to take others who are new to the sport with him to introduce them to the hunting way of life.

From whitewater rivers in the mountains, Piedmont farm ponds, beaver ponds, and tidal marshes along the coast, Brad continues to hone his hunting skills while providing a vast knowledge base for Green Top customers.

For the best information on calls and gear to use while chasing our feathered friends, come see Brad…a member of the Green Top family since 2003.