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Pocket Guns

small pistol inside of a pocket

Zach takes us to the Green Top Shooting Range to look at some subcompacts. Not just any subcompacts, but guns that are small enough to carry in a pocket!

Pocket guns, or "pocket pistols" are great when you don't want people to know that you have a gun.

Zach takes a closer look at the three popular models: The Ruger LCP Max, the GLOCK 42, and the S&W Model 60 Perfomance Center.


Hey guys, this is Zach from Greentop Sporting Goods. Wanted to do a little something different today. Today we're going to be looking at some subcompacts, not just subcompacts, but things that are small enough to carry in a pocket. The reason being is that sometimes you don't want people to know that you have a gun. All of these are going to be small enough for you to put in your pocket. So pocket pistols, the shootability of a gun that small is going to be less than a full size option. You're probably not going to win any competitions with these, but the gun you have on you is better than the one you have at home. So let's take a look at some of these. First up, we got a Ruger, LCP Max. The Ruger LCP has been carried for an extremely long time by lots of people.

They recently improved the design and made it hold up to 13 rounds with an extended mag. This is the Glock 42. This is kind of a tried and true classic from Glock. Single stack 380 hold, seven rounds. Very sleek, very small, very easy to carry it in your pocket. As a third option, I wanted to bring out my Model 60 performance Center from Smith and Wesson. This is just kind of a standin for any J frame five shot .38 special. Some advantages to something like this is that you can shoot it through a pocket. You can shoot it through a hoodie pocket. You can even shoot it through your purse. So let's shoot these and see how they do. Alright guys, first up, the new Ruger, LCP Max. You guys probably aren't going to see my best shooting today considering what we're shooting, but let's give it our best go.

All right, not quite as bad as I expected. We're doing what we want. These guns are really meant for within five yards. So the recoil is actually less than I thought, and this is a lot of gun that can fit in your pocket because like I said, 13 rounds of 380 is a tremendous amount of firepower in your pocket. So definitely a good option. Alright guys, next up we have the Glock 42 single stack, 380. Let's give it a go.

All right.

Actually, guys, I got to say I'm pretty thrilled with that group. With the 380.

I would argue I shoot the Glock 42 better than the Ruger, but that's just because I spent a lot of time on Glocks. That out of a 380 is probably as good as you're going to get. So, so far that's really, really a good contender for me, guys. Alright, guys. Last but certainly not least, I'm going to shoot my revolver. One other thing I brought today was a Bianchi speed strip. We also sell these at the store. It's better than nothing. Okay? If you have to reload your revolver, it's going to be a little faster with one of these. They also lay flat so you can just kind of keep it in your back pocket. So let's see what I can do with this guy.

Very good. Still not the fastest, but definitely faster than loading each individual bullet. So guys, as you can see, the shootability of these guns is not as much as a full size option, but again, you have no excuse to not carry a gun when they're making things this small. So guys, this is Zach from Greentop. Thanks for watching.


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